Ten Thousand Leagues

by Ten Thousand Leagues

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released November 24, 2016


If art does not remain a threat to the present conditions of our lives, it loses its potential for transformation. These songs alone cannot transform -- not written, not played aloud, and not shelved away at the end of this band. But, if they can serve as a vehicle for understanding our lives and our world, there is worth. Better still, if they can impact the material conditions for those that actively resist oppression at the hands of the state, there is worth.

In solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and in solidarity with 500 years of indigenous resistance worldwide, 100% of money raised from downloads will go directly to the Standing Rock Medic and Healer Council:


We encourage you to give what you can, and when donating to Standing Rock please take into account that Paypal and Bandcamp both take fees of about one dollar combined.

For more information, please review these resources:

- standwithstandingrock.net

- Media Healer Council Press release concerning violent police action at Standing Rock on November 21st, 2016: bit.ly/2gfG4JR

- Contact Sheet and Talking Points for #NODAPL resistance: bit.ly/2f57S3S

- 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance, Gord Hill, PM Press

In solidarity,
Ten Thousand Leagues


Ten Thousand Leagues on this recording was:

Andrew Yeung
Mark Chen
Ramy Silyan
Jeff Day

Written between 2012-2014.

Captured to tape, transferred to computer, mixed digitally, and mastered by ear at The Atomic Garden by Jack Shirley in September of 2014.



all rights reserved


Ten Thousand Leagues California

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Track Name: Bern
my every breath comes with a gag
i need you to show me
it’s time for me to finally say
i do have a choice
i need you to know me
it’s time for me to finally say
i do have a choice
Track Name: Courtney
why sit still in this walking chair
close the binds and let me itch

it's so close, yet too far away
the flash cards are now caught on fire
i reach out to watch it burn

it's so close, yet too far away
the flash cards are now caught on fire
reach out and stroke the flame

i've locked the gate
and already made plans for today
Track Name: Prat
guarantee glory for free refills,

we're all children next to veterans
sign me up, what i want is yours

shouting from a widened box

i'm learning to think like you and it stops right there
no one asked to be loved the way you love
Track Name: Simon
the answer withheld and you try to hide it
(erase the maps)
cannot hear me, cannot see me
(rewrite the histories)
lead me outside certain ( new waters)
unlearn the tongues we’ve been taught

thank you for that rotten smell
that sour taste in my mouth
thank you for that rotten smell
swallow it and spit it out

skyscraper tower jenga set
one, two, three
Track Name: I Hate You
it's so cold sitting in here
choke on your own fucking art

what's your reason for going on?
and what will be your reason for leaving?

read my reasons written only for your eyes
i'm still tall standing straight up, back against the wall

we can't do it ourselves
and we're not sure why it drags us along
Track Name: Jennifer
you sing your song and i'll sing mine
it's not an accident
it's not coincidence

the buried cross (roads)
where we've met and leave off again,
marked to show our present scars

we won’t recognize your past
nor allow your future
more resources towards shackles
bars, barricades, batons
when teachers become jailors
you’ll save yourself and ill save mine
its not an accident
it's not serendipity
it's not what we want
it's what we've been told-
you're allowed a piece of me

what we
we've been
Track Name: Canada
no more excuses
weekend's here
just one more chance
for there's a next time

helpless against your velocity
too tired, angry, accepting
day by day I waited,
For tomorrow I wait

you hand me the moment
once it's slipped from your hands
i took the wheel while still half asleep

two.thousand pieces missing and missed
thank you and fuck,
no more excuses
no more next time

In that room, pen to paper
The words that meant so much,
With an effort that now feels like nothing

I remember, those bends in the paper.
I remember those tears in the lines
I remember those words.

no more excuses
no more next time

laughing in the kitchen
standing there smiling
Track Name: Hyphen-Youth
hyphen youth,
carry on your back
a 2000 mile scar
30 foot wall
12 generation stare
carry on, a story told

the hyphen holds you in between
the golden lie, an ugly dream

(the line unfolds into)
a life written from the margins
taught to carry it in silence

more like a river bearing bodies
more like a bloom of scars on burdened backs
more like the curl of limb and lungs of orange

hyphen youth, carry on
i am here by your grand design
i am here to paint new pictures
i'm not the first and no longer the last
so give me new lenses from which to burn
to paint new paints

why hide my color in a crowd (that's dead to me)
where we come from holds weight
i beg myself to paint new pictures
embrace the future

"When they demolish our homes, we turn the village’s graveyard into a home. They threaten to destroy it as well. Even if they do, we will dig graves in our own hands and live in them.

We’ll protect our dead and they’ll protect us"

-elderly Palestinian woman from Al-Araqib, a Palestinian-Bedouin village demolished 53 times in a three year period by the Israeli occupation